Monday, January 16, 2012

One little word.

The one little word seems to be the new years resolutions for many in blogsphere. I have had a 'one little word' for the past few years and I've been thinking about what my word will be this year. I have thought about having something spiritual or a word that will focus on getting fit again but I keep coming back to the same word!

My word may seem trivial and totally unspiritual, and uninspiring to you but in this season of my life, having young kids and staying at home full-time, I tend to forget to do this. I get so busy trying to keep the house tidy and keep up with washing and organising that this little thing gets neglected.

Can you sense the stalling..... I don't usually share things like this!

Anyway, for the sake of keeping myself a little bit accountable but also letting my guard down a little I will share my one little word for 2012.  

Hopefully throughout 2012 I can share how I'm going with this one little word :)

Have a wonderful week!  And don't forget to play!

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