Monday, February 27, 2012

Crazy wordy catch up post!

What a busy past fortnight it has been!  I have really wanted to post regularly but didn't manage to find the time!  There had been heaps happening here.  I'll just give you a quick update and fingers crossed I can go into more detail in some future posts!

First of all we had the two birthdays.  Olivia's birthday on the 8th.  We had a cake at our home group but I wanted to wait until Mum and Dad came home before I had an actual party.  Mum and Dad flew in from India on Friday night and we had Olivia's party on Saturday afternoon before Mum and Dad left to go to Shellharbour! Talk about craziness for them.  More pictures to come in a future post.

Jessica's birthday was on the 12th and we had a quick last minute supper the night before.  It was mostly family and a few friends which was lovely.  I can't believe how rushed Jessica's party was!  I feel terrible that I was not able to put in more of an effort but I'm glad I managed to pull it together at the last minute.  Josh had been out and arrived home at about 1pm in time for me to go shopping and get home to cook everything for the party!  I'm not sure what I'll do in the future with them having their birthdays close together.  Pictures to come!

We got our puppy on the 15th.  His name is Prince and he's a very nice puppy!  I'm so pleased with how quickly he is learning to sit and stay.  More on that later I hope!

Jessica had her cake smash photo shoot this past weekend!  It was a crazy day and I'm not sure my house has ever been as messy as it was on Saturday.  There was literally stuff every where as I was cooking for Josh's brother's birthday and finishing of the cake and other last minute stuff for the photo shoot.  I'll post on the photo shoot this week I hope!

I have started teaching Sunday School this year.  I've haven't taught Sunday School since Sarah was born so since we had just one baby left for Josh to look after it was time for me to get back into doing what I love most and that is teaching.  I may just even write a post on that!

This week I'm hoping to have a quiet week to get stuck into a heap of unfinished projects around the house.  I have Jessica's quilt to finish as well as a few spice racks to get painted and onto walls for books.

I have a sewing cupboard in desperate need of organising and many other pockets around the home that are beginning to drive me crazy!  I'm hoping to get a chance to do a random placement of pictures in Olivia and Hannah's rooms.  Kind of a mix between these rooms.

Found here.  I love this entire room!
Found here.  Another gorgeous room!

I'd really just love to spend a week in each room sprucing them up!  Their rooms seem to be never ending projects!  Secretly I'd even LOVE to paint stripes in Sarah's wall like they have at the blue illusion store in Woden!  You can kind of see them in this picture.

Anway, a girl can dream!  Right now I need to go and finish getting this house back in order!

Enjoy your week!

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  1. Those are SUCH cute ideas!! I LOVE the room with the butterflys on the way! I was just talking to my Fiances this morning about how I would like to rearrange, add and like you said spruce up the baby room as well as our room! BUT all of these takes time and money, which in this day is limited! I hope you get to change the rooms : )


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