Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pushing the limits

Have I mentioned what a rascal this girl is?  We're going through a difficult phase at the moment.  I've never really had a problem with her behaviour before, but right now her stubborn side is shining through!

This morning Olivia had forgotten to put her shoes on.  That wasn't a major problem because we wait about 10 min between dropping the older girls off and waiting for Olivia's class to start where I could help her put her shoes and socks on in the car.  When we got to school I found she had picked up two right feet of some similar shoes.  We had about 5 min so I quickly drove home, grabbed the matching foot and an extra pair incase they were getting a bit small.  Sure enough they were too small so I put the spare pair on.

Would she wear them?  No way!

We had a melt down!  She was not going to school anymore.  I tried everything.  The sweet talk, the cranky voice, promises of this and that if she'd let me go without screaming.  I stayed for an extra 10 min hoping she'd settle.  No way!

In the end I took Olivia home, got her the pair of shoes she wanted and took her back to school as happy as Larry.

Who knows if I did the right thing...

Who knows if I'm going to have to do it again...

I'm just happy that she was finally happy to go to school!

But I can't be cross with her because by the time I pick her up she will have totally forgotten about it!

On another note this same little girl turns me to mush every evening she she prays!  She's even started blowing kisses to Jesus which make me want to squeeze her tight and hope she never grows up!

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