Saturday, March 24, 2012

Favourites this week

What do you do when your as crook as a dog and your husband goes off to a footy match leaving you with the four girls on a Saturday night?  Well I close all the blinds and pretend it's an hour earlier than it is, put all the kids to bed and find my favourite things from blogs this week and write a blog post.  Well not usually, but tonight it's the best idea because I can barely do anything.

 I love this table setting!  I think it's from a wedding and probably overlooking a beautiful beach but it would suit a family dinner here.  I love the rustic wood down the centre and the bouquets of flowers and the little doilies wrapped around the tea lights.  Simple and pretty!

I love this table as well although I'm not sure it would be as beautiful in an ordinary surrounding.  I'm particularly loving the burlap table cloth and stripy place-mats!

Aren't these little pancake skewers cute!  I pinned them earlier in the week on pinterest but they had no link.  Sorry.  They'd make a very cute afternoon tea!  My girls LOVE pancakes, strawberries and cream so they're the perfect combination!

When Hannah moved into her new room there was no room for a desk.  Hannah is one little girl who needs a desk; she loves stationary and writing letters and notes.  Anyway, I had this bright idea to transform one side of her closet into a mini office.  This little desk looks about the same size so is inspiration for how I can use the space a little better.

Hannah was watching over my shoulder this morning as I was browsing pinterest and nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw this cake!  It's a chocolate Christmas cake but she's put her order in for one for her 8th birthday.  I wonder how many bags of malteasers I'd need!

I love this cute photo!  I think I need one of my girls like this!

One day I'd love lights like this over a kitchen island.......

I love this cute little room show in this tour.  It's so pink and pretty!  I love the fun pink stripes, the garland, the little dress and even the canvas!  Josh always talks about getting one of our beach photos blown up.  This is a good compromise!  Just need some cute little bathers on one of the littlies and we'd be right! 

Ok, so that better be it!  Off to make a dent in the pile of folding I have!

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