Saturday, April 7, 2012

The plate saga

Just over a week ago Sarah got a plate to push forward one of her front adult teeth.  She was beyond excited!  She loved her plate.  She loved what she sounded like when she talked and thought it suited her.  It was so cute watching her when she met someone we knew.  She'd give them a big smile as to say 'notice anything different'.

Sarah went off to school the same day and was excited to show all her friends.  She came home and told me that several of the kids in school were getting plates and others wanted them because they thought they looked cool too!

The next day, Sarah came home in tears!  She hated the plate!  I was puzzled by her sudden change of mind.  I quized her as to why and she said the kids at school were teasing her saying she sounded like one of the disabled boys in another class!  She was devestated and adding to the trauma was them throwing her plate around during lunch.  I felt terrible!  I hated the fact that she had to go through being bullied. 

Her lovely orthodontist reassured Sarah that she would get better at talking in a few days and she did.  Thank goodness! 

In the midst of all this I was so proud of how Sarah and Hannah stuck together at school.  Hannah reassured her it would only be for a short time and whenever Sarah needed someone to play with she could find her.  Those moments make a mum proud!

I hope you're all having a wondeful Easter!!



  1. It brings tears to my eyes reading that Sarah was bullied especially as she would be the first to stand up and protect other children in the same situation. It's lovely to see the girls love and care for each other growing in situations like this.

  2. You got any addresses, Ruth? No-one bullies any of my princesses!! Grrr...


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