Sunday, April 1, 2012

March Instagram

I've been wanting to collate random pictures each month and for the first time ever I've managed to do it!  YAY!  I used Picasa which is SO much easier!

Now, these photos are totally random and mostly instagram photos (did I mention how much I love instagram!)  I showed them to Josh and he pointed out how random they were but I'm ok with that ;) 

1.  Snuggles on the couch
2.  Jessica's first play at the Macca's playground (the same one where Sarah got stuck a few years back!  eeekkk!)
3.  Sarah cleaning the bathroom.  I missed getting Hannah cleaning the toilet.  We have been doing Saturday chores for a few months and the kids are getting much better at them.
4.  Needing something for the left of my mirror.  Thinking family silhouettes.
5.  The girls new favourite game - Mouse Trap!
6.  Sarah cooked dinner with NO help!  I've been waiting for this day :)
7.  Sarah's new curtain fabric.  I'm making slow progress on her room.
8.  Sammy and Prince.  Poor Prince just wants to play!
9.  Jessica is growing up
10.  Jessica again...
11.  Sarah's bestie from school.
12.  Family communion - a first for us.
13.  Hannah being a good big cousin.
14.  5 nights away at the beach!  Well not really at the beach because it poured!
15.  Jessica climbs into everything!!
16,  Jessica doing her best to drink two bottles at once.  She loves her bottle :)

I hope you enjoyed the randomness!!


  1. Picasa is awesome for collages! So easy :) well done, it was great to see your randomness ;)

  2. Loved it, Ruth!! Keep the randomness coming!!

  3. Haha :) I'm glas you enjoyed my randomness :)


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