Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers' day

I hope all you mothers out there had a wonderful mothers' day!

I certainly did, although I missed having my own mum in town.  I think this might even be the first time I have not been with my mum on mothers' day.  I miss you Mum!

The girls and Josh spoiled me with slippers and cute little cards and gifts they had made at school.  They declared that since it was mother's day I had to sit down and they would serve me.  That didn't last long because at the rate they were going it would have been lunch time before we got out the door!

We had a wonderful mothers' day service at church with several women and children sharing about their mothers and their experiences of motherhood.  A few of us sang 'the mom song' which was fun!

In the afternoon we came home for leftovers which suited me fine and I even managed to fit in a nap which I NEVER do!

I always find the time around mothers' day a very reflective time for me.  I tend to examine myself as a mother and can be quite harsh with myself and my expectations.  This year was different.  Not because I am doing everything I need to do or because I have lowered my expectations but because I have become more aware of the reality of motherhood.  I can not do everything, keep my house spotless with all washing and ironing up to date.  And that is not what motherhood is about anyway.  To me, in this season of life, being a good mother is about nurturing my children; being there when they need it most, praying for them, helping them, disciplining then and teaching them.  I saw this quote recently:

I like that!  Anyway, I had not really planned to write about motherhood!  I don't share personal thoughts about myself easily.  I guess I just wanted to share this to encourage other mums to be yourself and not compare yourselves to others.

Anyway, I hope that all makes sense!

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Love your post Ruth. I always thought the girls looked more like Josh as a baby but seeing that photo they are mini 'Ruth's with dark features!


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