Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Since moving into our home 18 months ago, I've aimed to tone down our home by adding more neutral warm tones.  We now have a lot less floral and anything we have added has been in the white, beige, brown tones with occasional black.  I'm finding it fairly tricky to find things that exactly suit what I have in mind and of course we can't throw everything out and begin again, so we're working with what we have.  Thanks to Pinterest, there is plenty of inspiration!!

We are currently working through painting our home and have been so pleased with the colours we chose.  It is such a risk!  I knew I wanted beige but there are so many shades of beige that can give the house a totally different look.  Here are some of my favourites from pinterest!

So cosy!  Source

A little more abstract and arty than what I'm going for but still neutral.

So many inspiration boards on this site!!  I wish I new how to make them. Love the chair and rug!

This link is not direct but I love this idea for keeping family photos neutral.

Oh yeah!  If only!!  I would LOVE an open fire!!  Source

Neutral with the addition of blue.  I do love blue.  Source

I like the addition of some darker colours here.  Source

One day I'll be brave and add some pictures of our home!

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