Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Sarah

This beautiful girl is 10 today!

Double figures!  Now that's pretty exciting!  I had a brief moment of tears yesterday as I remembered the early moments when I held my first born through to her toddler years.  It sounds so cliché to say that 'time flies' but it does!  The past 5 years at least have just gone by in the blink of an eye and while I would love to go back in time and cuddle the cute little toddler I'm so happy to see a young girl, growing up, loving Jesus and developing her own strong personal values.




We are so proud of this young lady! 

10 Things we love about her!

1.  She is very kind hearted and loves to make new friends, young and old.
2.  She is adventurous.
3.  She is a book worm and can devour about 3 (fairly long) books in a night!
4.  She cares about us if we are upset (Hannah)
5.  She plays outside with me (Olivia)
6.  She loves Jesus and wants her life to be pleasing to him.
7.  She is an excellent story writer and works hard to write very good quality stories.
8.  She is quick to forgive others and make things right with those she loves. (Daddy)
9.  She is very affectionate and still loves to climb on our laps for cuddles. (Daddy)
10.  She is very lively and enthusiastic about everything.

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