Monday, July 9, 2012

Holiday Plans

We are so excited around here about the school holidays!  We've only just now finished breakfast and are getting dressed!  We all love slow mornings!

The older girls have each chosen two goals for the school holidays.  Sarah would like to learn to knit and do hairstyling and Hannah would also like to learn to knit and ride a bike.

Sarah is making good progress on her Granddad's scarf!  She's quite a good knitter and quite quick too.  I can knit but unfortunately I do not know how to fix her mistakes so I will be heading over to grandmas so she can teach me!

The girls also have goals to get better at something.  Sarah is working on her maths each day in a Maths Mentals book and Hannah would like to ready for Naplan next year and is working through a Naplan exam book.

I also have a goal, which I have wanted to learn since my first year of uni!  I'm going to learn how to make our own pasta!  So far I've found this recipe and this video so I'm hoping it will work!  If you have any tips for making your own pasta I'd love to know!

Tomorrow is Sarah's birthday so we will be heading out to the city to get her a new outfit! 

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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