Friday, July 6, 2012


When Sarah was a baby I wanted to have a special lullaby that I always sung to her, and all my children.  I remembered this one from 'Lady and the Tramp' - one of my favourite childhood movies.  I watched the movie and wrote down the words.  I don't even know if Youtube was around in 2002!

I have sung this song to all of the girls and they all love it!

Another lullaby we sang for Sarah was Rock-a-bye Baby but Josh changed the words to:

Rock-a-bye Baby, sofly to sleep,
When the moon shines, we'll hear not a peep,
When the dawn breaks the baby will stir,
And sunshine and morning, come to greet her.

I  love lullabys and have quite a collection of bedtime songs on my playlist that I play.  Here are some of our favourites that we sing:
I can sing a rainbow
Go to sleep now little one (Ballnina Bambino),
Warm little Kitty
Flow Through Me
Brahms Lullaby

I'd love to hear your favourite lullaby!

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  1. I was the same!! I wanted a special song that I would sing all the time, and randomly I heard a song by Nicole Mullen, 'Baby Love' on the end of one of her CDs.

    I never actually sat and wrote down the words tho, and I made up some in the middle that are nothing like hers. I just looked it up and it seems since then she's written a girl verse which I didn't know about til now. I have different songs for Ella, as well as the Sing Over Me CD and a Twila Paris one...makes me think I should do a blog post about it - or at least scrap it!


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