Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sarah's 10th Birthday Cake

I can't believe Sarah is turning 10!  I can't believe I have a nearly 10 year old!  That's just crazy!  Time is flying by and I'm seeing glimpses of her growing up... :(

This is the cake Sarah has chosen.  She is having a slumber party so as the guests arrive I'm going to take them aside to write a message on her cake.  The inside will be shades of  purple and turquoise (I hope that looks ok!)

I created Sarah's invites in Adobe Photoshop Elements using Mel's Free Brushes.

 You can download the free printable invitation shown below here.

This is Sarah's first sleep over party so it's pretty exciting!!  We've got plans of home made pizza, pancakes and lots of fun games, and hopefully some sleep!

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