Monday, July 2, 2012

17 things

Please excuse these iphone pictures - I must really get out the 'real' camera!!

Jessica (aka Goocie Moo, Jess, Jessie, Jessie bear, Jessie Bessie) is such a cheeky little girl and totally spoilt.  At the moment she is a Daddy's girl.  All my girls are Daddy's girls through their toddler years.  He loves that!  I just thought I'd record some of the things about Jessica at nearly 17 months old!

17 things I love about you:
1.  I love how you put your face really close to mine and babble
2.  I love how you try and make a diamond for twinkle, twinkle.
3.  I love how if I don't wave goodbye you take my hand and make it wave.

4.  I love how you love to go to bed and lay down so happily.
5.  I love how after I wrap you you lay your head on my shoulder and snuggle in.  If I sing you will sing along too.
6.  I kind of love how your a daddy's girl!  
7.  I love how you wave good bye to everyone, even the tv or anything in the room.  You say something that resembles 'bye' and wave.  You also blow kisses with a 'Mwah'

8.  I love that you can go from cranky to happy when you see a mandarin.  If you're in a good mood you'll let out a real belly laugh when you think you're getting a mandarin.
9.  I love your gorgeous big brown eyes, luscious lips and curly little locks at the back.
10.  I love your attention seeking at the dinner table trying to make everyone laugh.

11.  I love the beautiful relationship that you have with all your sisters and how you really miss them when they're not around.
12.  I love how you follow me everywhere (not so much that you have to hold my skirt the whole time!)
13.  I love that you love hats and shoes and check yourself out in your clothes.  

14.  I love how when I give you kisses you ask for more.  You are definitely the kissiest of all my babies.
15.  I love how you're are shy and cling to me when you're unsure.
16.  I think I love how you go to very few ladies and pretty much any male.  You fell asleep on Dale's shoulder in church a few weeks ago.
17.  I love how much you love your Grandma and Grandad, especially your grandad!
(and two more because I couldn't count!)
18.  I love how you eat so well then shake your head and say 'neh' (no) when you've had enough.
19.  I love how your sisters totally dote over you and somehow you never seem to annoy them.
You are so dearly loved my baby girl!

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