Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July Instagram

I cannot believe we are already into August! I'm sure the months and years are going faster these days!

Here's a little bit of randomness from July.

1.  Olivia's beautiful preschool photos.  I wish I could stop her growing up right now and enjoy this cute little 4 year old a little longer!
2.  Sarah's mouse cake.  I was so relieved when she chose a nice simple cake!
3.  Sarah's clock with chandelier reflection.  I love the colours in that picture.
4.  Olivia's drawings.  They are all so colourful and cute I take a picture of them all!
5.  Sweet friends and crazy times!
6.  This is what I find on my camera roll when I leave my phone unlocked!
7.  Cute little bunny at a friends house.
8.  Miss Jessie
9.  Olivia's shoes - worn to death!
10.  Morning hair :)
11.  Hannah and Jessica - Hannah pushes her around in this car all the time.  I love her face in this photo!
12.  A cake I made and a gorgeous under the sea party theme.
13.  Sarah learning to knit.
14.  My dad with Hannah and Benji
15.  My beautiful girls - I am one proud mumma!
16.  A close up of my ruffle cake.

So there you have it :)  A little July randomness!

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