Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Simply Beautiful cakes

I love beautiful cakes - I especially love simple beautiful cakes!

Obviously there are varying degrees of 'simple'.  I do always enjoy a small challenge but each of these can be achieved with  a few simple icing and levelling techniques.   Most of these links also have tutorials and shops to buy the cake toppers!

Here are a few of my favourites at the moment:

Kika la ru:  She is on leave at the moment but sells bunting cake toppers in her etsy shop.

The paper pony:  Raya has also shared a tutorial for making these gorgeous cake toppers on her blog.

Signe Sugar:  These hearts are available to purchase.

Dandee:  Tutorial for the ruffled cake topper is available on her blog.

Glorious Treats:  Gloria's blog is one of my favourite baking blogs.  She has shared tutorials for making these cakes and butterflies.   

Sweetapolita is another of my favourite blogs.  There are many recipes and tutorials on here blog, including the recipe and tutorial for this cake.

Potter and Buttler Etsy Shop:  You must check them out - their cake toppers are very unique!

I hope you're feeling inspired!  I certainly am!    

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