Monday, September 24, 2012

The big 4-0

It has been a crazy busy couple of weeks!  I do not even know where to start with blogging!  One of the main things I have been doing preparing for my husband's 40th birthday!  I really, really enjoyed doing it and have been planning for it for a long time.

But... I didn't take any photo!!  Hopefully my mum has some good ones!!

Anyway, this little cutie is 40!!

I am so, so thankful to God for giving me Josh.  He is an absolute blessing and the perfect husband for me.  In some ways we are very alike - such as easy going, home bodies, etc. but in other ways ways we are so very different.  I wrote in Josh's card 40 words to describe him...

loving : helpful : gentle : meek : strong : happy : funny : cuddly : adored : sociable : patient : organised : smart : serious : sincere : stylish : creative : warm : neat : manly : loveable : kind : Kiss-able : steadfast : godly : diligent : uncompromising : sweet : artistic : flexible : healthy : honest : articulate :  attractive : charming : loyal : hilarious : friendly : trustworthy : handsome : MINE

Yep, he is perfect!  

Josh doesn't read my blog unless I ask him to but HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSH!

With birthday celebrations past I hope I can make a regular appearance more often now!

Have a wonderful week!

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