Friday, November 30, 2012

Favourite Christmas Stockings

I am getting excited about Christmas!  I have so much to do though and have barely started shopping!

Today I'm hoping to make a stocking for each of the girls!  Here are some stockings that are inspiring me!  I am really loving the neutral Christmas decorations!

Tutorial for this stocking here

I love how they hung the initial with each stocking.  Found here

I love the gathering around the top of this stocking!  Found here.

But first before I start these I have another mermaid cake topper to make today!  This one will be an African mermaid with plaits!

And before that I have to run Hannah's lunch down to her!  It's the first time she's ever forgotten to take her lunch so it's not too bad!

So, do you have any Christmas projects on the go?!

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