Wednesday, December 12, 2012

November Instagram

Whoops!  I skipped October and am two weeks late with November but here is is anyway!  Looking at these pictures make by heart swell!  I just love these little ones so much!

1.  Jessie was crying, crying, crying in the back then suddenly silence as if someone had switched her off lol.
2.  Making fondant roses for a cake
3.  $5 carnations from Aldi.  They lasted SO long!
4.  Fondant numbers for a cake with a garden theme.
5.  The top of the cake
6.  The cake again!  (Sorry for the repeat in photos!)
7.  My beautiful Hannah
8.  Cheeky Jess
9.  My Olivia is growing up so fast!
10.  This is the face Jessie pulls when you say smile!
11.  Cute cousins!  Over the past month or so they have started playing together and are so cute together!
12.  My ninja Sarah.
13.  Lucas and Jessie again.
14.  My favourite part of the day is early morning!
15.  My girls are so blessed to have each other.  They all love to read to Olivia before bed time.
16.  This cute face I just had to capture!  She was in trouble and trying to hold back tears.

Well it's nearly mid December!  Can you believe it?!

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