Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sometimes I wonder....

Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever post on this little blog again.  It's been about 18 months!
I would love to pick this up again but it don't really do any of the things I did before.
Life has changed quite a bit in the past 18 months. The major change was me returning to work as a full-time teacher and the other changes are pretty much what we now do to keep up. Apart from that life has just kept chugging along.

I was thinking yesterday how returning to work for me and my family was like dropping a rock into the water. The change was huge at first but now everything seems to be settling down and this new life is becoming 'normal'.

I do really miss my 'stay at home mum' days. I miss Jessie most of all and sleeping and of course catching up with friends, browsing petty blogs and making craft!

But that's enough for now Jessie has just put body lotion through her hair while she was supposed to be napping! Cheeky girl! I would put a photo but I don't know how to do that I my iPad!

Hope you had a great weekend :)

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