Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gingerbread House Inspiration

I am SO keen to do a Gingerbread house again this year!

Last night I was looking around on flickr and here's some of the inspiration I found. I've decided to stick to a colour theme of pink white and maybe a little aqua and red.

1. Pink Rose Glitter Cottage, 2. Candy Cane Ice Skates in White, 3. Pink M&M's, 4. Gumdrop aqua cupcake cottage, 5. Gingerbread House Supplies, 6. Sugary Advent Calendar, 7. Ballet slippers, 8. Tiny strawberry cookies make me smile, 9. The dollhouse at Christmas, 10. I'll drink to that, 11. OH Homer - House, 12. Christmas dummy cake, 13. Decorated Snowflake Cookies, 14. Casinha Tilda, 15. Gingerbread House, 16. CC-Candy-Cottage

I'm on the lookout now for pink and aqua lollies!

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