Friday, April 18, 2008

Austen Heroine

I am Anne Elliot!

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You are Anne Elliot of Persuasion! Let's face it; you're easily persuaded, particularly when friends and relatives try to use "the Elliot way" against you. But this doesn't mean that you don't have conviction. Actually, your sense of duty is overwhelming. And though you won't stick your neck out too often, you have learned to speak up when it counts. To boot, you know how to handle sticky situations. You love deeply and constantly.

I saw 'Persuasion' once but it was a bit long and boring and I have no recollection whether it's a good thing to be labeled as an 'Anne Elliot'. What do you think guys? Have you seen it?


  1. I was the same...I don't think I got to far into Persuasion, and I don't remember who Jane Elliot was. My mum would know. I am sure she was a lovely character, and the explanation sound good too :)
    Thanks for all the comments as well! Better get on with those PJs

  2. Oops - Anne Elliot, not Jane Elliot!

  3. OK, last one....I love your blog. Have a look at Donna Downey's blog, she has a book on there called 'artful bloggin' Looks great!


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