Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Shoes... shoes.... shoes!!!

Does anyone else have a problem with shoes. I could probably count about 10 pairs of shoes lying around the house at anyone time - gumboots, sneakers, slippers, church shoes, thongs, everyday shoes, booties, school shoes SHOES!!

I tell you honestly that nothing drives me more crazy than shoes everywhere. This was until now.... I can't promise that they wont continue to drive me batty, but I do have a solution that might just take the edge of the frustration - a bit like a pethidine shot :)

I'm gonna pray.... sound strange?

I'm going to pray for the person who wears that shoe. Let me give you an example - as I put away Missy's school shoes I will say a quick prayer that God will help her while she's at school, when I find Hubby's slippers I will pray that God will give him rest and that our home would be a haven for him. When I find gumboots I will pray for their health and physical well being.... etc. get the drift?

I can't totally take the credit for this idea as I remember reading something similar somewhere a few years back - before shoes became a problem, but I'm willing to give it a go.

1 comment:

  1. lol - that's Aaron's thing, hates shoes lying around. For some reason it doesn't bother me. It's a great idea, a good reminder to 'pray without ceasing'. Like when I'm marking my kids books and it reminds me to pray for them (I would take shoes all over the floor to marking anyday!)


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