Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bit of this and that

Busy, busy, busy recently- as everyone is as the end of the year seems to accelerate towards us.

Last week I managed to get the sewing machine out and have been making some things.

I appliqued on some singlets. Made Olivia a nightie and bloomers set and also a pretty summer dress. I'm really happy with the way they all turned out (maybe some photos to come).

I'm hoping in the next week and a bit to make one more dress for Olivia and make this pattern, out of the fabrics below. It will be a part of the girls' Christmas presents and hopefully be good for conference. Hannah loves yellow these are her fabrics. Sarah chose the fabric below for hers. Good choice hey!

Some updates on the family as I've decided to combine the blogs instead of having a separate family blog...
Sarah is heading of to India in less than two weeks. I'm trying not to think too much about it as I get teary at the thought of her being so far away for 10 days and also not having her here on Christmas morning. I'm hoping though that she'll get a good taste of what it is like in a third world country and an appreciation for what we have. I know that in one week in the Orphanage she will develop some life long memories and maybe even friendships.

Hannah has had a wonderful year of preschool. She has loved every minute, loved her teachers and is more than ready for kindy next year. She has made a best friend that she has had for the whole year which is really sweet.

Olivia is turning out to be quite the chatterbox. I can't understand everything she says but she's working at it. She's putting about 3 words together at the most. She has also decided that she prefers to lay down and let me cover her at bedtime rather than have to put herself to bed after screaming - a welcomed change ;)

Josh and I celebrated our 9th anniversary last month. Wow, time has flown!
Have a lovely week!


  1. loved the singlets Ruth! you need to post some pics of the stuff you made for Olivia :) I love those folios, and the fabric you're going to make them with is GORGEOUS!! And happy anniversary too ;) 9 years!! you need to start planning something really special for next year before time gets away :)

  2. Thanks Kylee!
    I may post some pics later tonight ;)


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