Thursday, December 17, 2009


I'm sitting here checking out some blogs between cooking for Sarah and Mum's early Christmas dinner. Sarah is in the family room singing away as she's making a kite.

I'm going to miss that girl!

Anyone who has been with Sarah for 5 minutes would know she sings all day, every day. It's usually a sign she's happy and content.

As I'm in here blogging my eyes are welling up! I'm going to miss her. I know she's crazy and I'll enjoy a nice bit of serenity in the house for 10 days but still, she's my baby.

She's going to have a ball over at the orphanage and that's why I'm so happy to let her go. New experiences, new friends and I know it will impact her life greatly just as it did mine over 16 years ago!

A fairly normal day for Sarah...
Well, she's all mine today. I dropped Hannah off at preschool and then Olivia off a my Mum's for the morning. I took Sarah out for a lemonade and cookie just to chat with her. We talked about all sorts of things while her mind quickly raced from one subject to another, asking questions.

We then went shopping to grab some groceries for dinner. She was her usual self. Today - riding a horse through the shops. Of course it was a noisy horse which kept rearing up and 'neighing' all the time.

When we got home she found a 'river'. One of my sprinklers must have had a hole and there's a large puddle of water on the grass. She made a creek in hope that a family of frogs will come by to live.

The weather began to get windy so she came in and made a kite, about the time the wind died down. She made a cat and a something else (not sure what it is). The winds back so she's heading out to fly her kite!

This is a very typical day for Sarah. Darting from one thing to another and singing as she goes. She has to be one of the most spontaneous, imaginative, children I know.

I'm blessed to have her!

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