Friday, December 18, 2009

December Happenings

No more preschool for Hannah.

She is so excited about going into kindy next year.

Hannah has had a wonderful year of preschool. She had a young teacher, Amanda, who was enthusiastic and did a really good job. Hannah also made a little friend, Olivia, who I think will be a 'long time' friend. They clicked and are totally inseperable. Olivia is a sweet little girl too.

Here are some pictures from Hannah's end of year concert.As promised, here's Olivia's dress and pantaloons I made last week.My three beautiful girls (who never seem to look at the camera at the same time!)The Sunday School fete last week.Poor Olivia!
Now to get Sarah ready for India!!! She's so excited!!! Three sleeps to go!!!


  1. Josh looks great!!! He even got the dye evenly through his hair!!

  2. Beautiful photos of three beautiful girls. This year has gone by so fast - it's hard to believe that Hannah will be going to school, Olivia is now a toddler and not a baby now and Sarah has grown so tall and is now off to India.


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