Monday, December 21, 2009

Sarah's adventure...

My baby left for India today. I'm missing her already - it's a strange feeling....

I got a call a few minutes ago to let me know she's already having an adventure. Anyone who travels with my Mother has an adventure!!! Just on the flight from to Sydney she sat up to a feast and ate the pilot's lunch and one of the hostesses took up an offering for the orphange!

We gave her our old camera for Christmas and she'll be keeping a daily journal while she's away. I can't wait to hear more!

Here's Mum and Dad at the airport.
Now to finish off the a 'family tree' centre piece, when I probably should be cleaning!!!


  1. Awww got teary reading this post!! Will be thinking of you over the nxt 10 days & prayin for safe travels :)

  2. I'm sure Sarah will have a great time and come back with lots of stories that will stay with her for ever.

  3. Sarah looks so grown-up!! I'll be praying for all of you!!



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