Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photos of Jessica

We are getting so much rain here in Canberra it is crazy!  Two years ago we would have done anything for a day of rain.  Today we'd do anything for a day of sunshine!  We totally skipped summer here in Canberra.  Usually we have very hot dry summers but I don't think I put the air con on more that three times!  I have a flood around most of the house and will probably call the SES and talk to them about getting some sand bags.  The ground can not take anymore water so if we get any more torrential rain or the sump backs up we will have a problem.

On another note one of my very good friends just happens to be an excellent photographer!  I feel very spoilt when she takes the most beautiful photos of my children!

These were taken at Jessica's first birthday party.  I'm not a huge fan of animal prints but I LOVE this tutu I found on etsy!  I love etsy!

Sorry about he photo overload!  I couldn't decide which ones I love most!

 Luscious lips!
Lucky for her she got her daddy's eyelashes! 

Little miss serious!

I love baby hands and feet! 

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