Saturday, March 3, 2012

Favourite blog discovery this week!

This week I came across a new favourite blog!

Jenna Sue

I love the DIYs that Jenna Sue and her husband do!  I love this sign she made here and would love to do a similar one for my laundry! She has written a tutorial here and it looks quite simple to do.

 Jenna Sue has also done a beautiful job with her kitchen!  From this....
To this!

Most of the work was done by her and her husband!

She has heaps of makeovers and tutorials through her blog and they are beautiful so if your'e into this sort of thing go and have a look!



  1. WOW.. amazing what a coat of white paint does. Maybe I should look at painting my kitchen to give it a new life.

  2. It's beautiful isn't it! I wish a coat of paint would do that to my kitchen LOL


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