Friday, March 2, 2012

Tween room makeover.

One of my ongoing projects is Sarah's room and I am making it my focus for a few months.  It's all a bit thrown together an squished in a fairly small room.

Before beginning I need to consider a few things:
-  she's a book worm and always has piles of books that she is reading
-  she needs somewhere to do her homework
-  she needs something that will cross over into her teen years without being to old or young
-  she has a heaps of stuffed toys
-  she is not naturally tidy and therefore needs everything well organised
-  her favourite colour is turquoise (no persuasion from me I promise!)
-  she wants her room to have a wow factor
-  she loves to display her and her friends' artwork
-  she is a hoarder and sentimental.
-  her room is small.

Ok, so what now?

I took some photos this morning to show you what I'm beginning with  and for the sake of keeping it real I did not clean it up.
Her bed.  Stuffed toys definitely need a new home!  I think they're breeding!  She has a lot of room under her bed for storage if necessary.  We like the picture on the wall but it is looks very lonely.
Here we have her curtains which I found at Salvos for $15.  They will move into Hannah's room.  Her bookshelf is overflowing and has all sorts of random things stacked on top of each other.  I love her lamp but it is very unsteady and falls off the bedside table all the time.
Overflowing chest of draws and memo board. 
Messy desk and a chair that needs replacing.

Ok, so you get the picture.  A lot can be done with a good throw out and tidy up but still the overall room needs work.

I spend a bit of time and tidied up her bookshelf and felt better about her room already!

The first thing I want to do is get some inspiration!

Ok, so I know this first room is not very much a 'tween room' but Sarah has always wanted a canopy!  Is 9 too old to have a canopy?  I don't think so, plus I can easily take it down when she's grown out of it.  I like the sheerness of this canopy.

I've seen this picture pop up so many times all over the Internet.  I love this office.  I love the colour of the walls and chair against the white!  Sarah needs this chair!
I love these blinds, colour and all!  I think they would look stunning in her room.  
Or ruffle curtains?
Fabric pom poms to add colour to a corner to brighten it up if necessary.
Source and pom pom tutorial found here

Ok so I have some serious planning to do and a lot of work but I'm looking forward to it!  My mind is racing with ideas and I just want to get started right away!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. I'm sure whatever you decide to do will look "Sarah" i.e., just right!! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!! 8)


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