Friday, September 14, 2012

August Instagram

I'm way behind on blog posts here!  I've gotten carried away with all sorts of cake decorating, knitting and other craft projects, not to mention Josh's birthday party!

Anyway, here's a little snapshot what's been happening recently!

1.  A rose cake for a sweet friend - I use Wilton's 2D or 1M tip.
2.  A message for my girls.
3.  My sweet Jessica - she is such a joy.  We find ourselves constantly laughing at her little antics!
4.  The top of a birdcage cake I made for our church's ladies high-tea.
5.  Miss Jessie in her new cardigan (that I made!)
6.  Preschool Olympics Equestrian riding - thanks Mel for the pics!
7.  The same cake as pictured in (1)
8.  Hmmm... a double of Jessie's pic!
9.  Jessica is very choosy about who she will let pick her up!
10. Rosey-cheeked baby who just woke up.
11.  Miss Olivia.
12.  Flowers from a sweet new friend.
13.  Learning to do embroidered cookies.
14.  Teaching a friend how to do roses on a cupcake.
15.  Cycling at the Preschool Olympics.
16.  Hannah's spy costume for book-week.
17.  Wishing I was good at writing with a piping bag!
18.  Sleeping baby.
19.  Did I mention how much fun Jessie is at the moment?!
20.  Olivia in some old lady glasses we picked up at Salvos.
21.  My boy.  lol
22.  Sarah dressed up as Laura from the Little House on the Prairie for book-week.
23.  Decorated cookies.
24.  Fondant roses
25.  Another decorated cookie!

Well that's my fly-by post!  I'm off to see Sarah perform in a school play!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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