Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Growing up.

When Olivia started preschool I was worried for her being so young!

She would cry when I dropped her off.  She was shy and barely spoke to the teachers or students.

I know it's not right to compare but it was natural to compare her to Sarah and Hannah when they began preschool.  They were confident and were much more interested in learning - they were also amongst the oldest in their classes.

Saying this, I am so pleased with Olivia's progress this year!

Then: any puzzle was hard.
Now: she will attempt any puzzle and loves them!

Then:  she was too shy to speak to anyone.
Now: she has a sweet new friend who is also extremely shy!

Then:  she had no interest in drawing
Now:  it's her favourite thing to do!

Then:  she had no interest in letters or numbers.
Now:  she is wanting to learn to write new words.

Then:  she would cry and have to be pried out of my arms
Now:  she says goodbye confidently and doesn't look back - it's me who is looking back!

It's amazing the difference that 7 months can make!!

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  1. Isn't it wonderful to watch them develop and grow. This will be a lovely post to reflect back on over the years.


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